Woman requires rehab following dog attack

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Most people who own pets consider them a part of their family. Unfortunately, some people in Alabama and across the country may overlook the potential harm that their pets can cause others. Unfortunately, a dog attack in another state has recently resulted in the death of a dog and injured a woman so severely that she will require rehabilitation, according to her family.

A police officer reports that he was on a routine patrol one evening on a day in April when he noticed a 51-year-old woman running in the middle of the street. He says that there were six dogs attacking the woman. She ultimately came to a stop in a neighbor’s yard where she says that she used her body to protect the dog that she was walking.

The police officer was ultimately able to distract the dogs with the use of his sirens. Both the officer and passerby were able to help the woman into the police car, but the passerby was bitten in the process. The woman is now in the hospital, and her family reports that she is unable to walk or work as a result of the attack. The dog she was attempting to protect died. The owner of the dogs claimed that the dogs escaped when a door was opened in the home; animal control officers have taken the dogs into custody while the animals await a hearing concerning their fate.

Unfortunately, a dog attack can have serious consequences, as this incident appears to prove. The financial strain of lost wages in combination with medical expenses can easily become overwhelming. Such an attack can also lead to long-term mental health issues. To ensure that victims in Alabama are able to cope with the expenses associated with being the victim of such an attack, they may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owners of the animals that injured them.