9 people taken to hospital in Alabama motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Parents are often left with difficult decisions. For example, some parents may struggle with whether to allow their child to travel with an extracurricular group. Allowing them to do so may mean trusting their child’s safety to another adult. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle accident involving a youth wrestling group in Alabama may be giving some parents cause to reconsider doing so.

The accident reportedly happened on a day in mid-June. Reports indicate that the 15-passenger van was carrying 10 passengers and the driver as the group traveled out of state for a youth wrestling tournament. Unfortunately, the van reportedly left the road and overturned.

Reports indicate that nine of the van’s occupants were transported to the hospital with at least one person suffering serious injuries. An Alabama State Trooper claims that some people were ejected during the single vehicle incident, but it is unclear how many. The cause of the accident is also unclear, but the investigation is ongoing.

Unfortunately, injuries in a motor vehicle accident can have lifelong implications. Often, the costs of appropriate medical treatment can create a precarious financial situation; if the incident results in lost wages, the situation can become even more difficult. To ensure that victims of an accident such as this and their families are able to continue to meet their financial responsibilities, they may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those deemed responsible. In a case such as this, there could be more than one party who holds responsibility, including the driver and the organization he or she represented. An attorney with experience with such cases can help victims as they choose how to respond.