Criminal charges in alleged Alabama kidnapping case

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Social media has a great role in a variety of different aspects of life. It has changed how people interact with one another and conduct business. In fact, it even has a role in police work; police in Alabama claim that a social media post recently led to criminal charges against a man.

The incident happened on a day in July. Reports indicate that a 30-year-old man’s post went viral one afternoon. The video, according to police, showed an alleged victim tied to a chair. They believe that the man who posted the video kidnapped and assaulted the man before tying him to a chair and lighting a fire underneath him.

Police say that they recognized the area in the video and responded. When they arrived, they claim that the 31-year-old victim remained tied to the chair; he was transported to the hospital. Though the suspect was reportedly at the scene when police officers arrived, he is said to have fled, and officers were unable to locate him. He was, however, taken into custody the next day.

The man now faces multiple criminal charges, including attempted assault, kidnapping and attempting to flee law enforcement, as a result of the incident. The charges against the man are serious, and the criminal justice system is complicated. It is often difficult for people in Alabama and other areas of the country who are facing such allegations to fully understand the options available to them. As such, many choose to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with such cases who can ensure that they have the necessary information to make informed decisions.