Clear your history of charges to get the clean slate you deserve

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You beat your case, so you figure you should be free and clear of repercussions. That may not actually be the case, as even basic background checks will still show your run-in with the system. But you’re not out of luck, as Alabama could provide a way to wipe away those smears on your record.

Job applicants without criminal convictions are 60% more likely to get a job callback. But it’s not just convictions that show up on your record, as arrests and charges can still be found on there. Getting your history cleaned of applicable items through expungement could be the way to clear a path to a better future.

Cleared restrictions

Meeting the grade depends on your situation:

  • Smaller counts: If the courts dismissed your case for smaller violations like misdemeanors, traffic infractions or ordinance violations without prejudice, you might be eligible. Barring any convictions since then, you could seek these counts cleared from your record.
  • Bigger ties: If your charge is a bit larger, like a non-violent felony, you may have to wait more than five years for the same options. Again, barring any other convictions in that time frame, this may be on the table.
  • Getting clear: Your wait period can significantly decrease when the courts dismiss your non-violent case with prejudice, you successfully complete a qualifying court program or you meet various other qualifications. Here you’re likely looking at a window between 90 days to one year.

Your record could be misrepresenting you while you’re on the hunt for a new job. If your case qualifies, you could be looking at a much cleaner slate than when you started.