Red flags for an upcoming divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Divorce |

Have you been thinking about divorce or considering how likely it is to impact your marriage? Maybe you understand the tremendous value of planning ahead for such a big life change, and you also know just how many marriages end in divorce. How can you tell if you’re approaching it yourself?

What you want to do is to look for some common red flags in your relationship. Even if neither you nor your spouse has specifically mentioned divorce yet, these issues could mean it’s on the way. A few red flags include:

  • You start spending more and more time apart. Pretty soon, it’s clear that both of you would rather spend time with friends or at work than with each other.
  • You stop trying to solve disagreements. It seems pointless. Neither of you will put in the work to talk through it or find a compromise.
  • You start to talk negatively to each other. Your spouse insults you, and it’s not in a joking, playful manner.
  • Every little thing becomes an argument. It’s not just the big issues. Anything that the other person doesn’t completely agree with becomes a fight.
  • You stop communicating. You spend a lot of your time together in silence, watching TV or scrolling on your phones. You don’t talk about your issues anymore.
  • You begin making excuses so that you don’t have to see each other. You used to rush home from work, for instance, but now you desperately look for anything else you can do.

Have you started to see these issues in your marriage and do you think a divorce is definitely in the cards? If so, make sure that you are well aware of the legal options you have.