The stakes are too high to face DUI charges alone

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Alabama can come down hard when you’re facing a drinking and driving charge. It’s no time to deal with it on your own, and enlisting some help is likely your best option.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) ranks Alabama high on the list of states that have enacted legislation to combat drinking and driving. Coming in with four out of five stars, MADD holds in high regard the state’s stances on issues ranging from sobriety checkpoints to license revocation. These are the same issues you’ll want experienced help dealing with if you’re on the wrong end of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge.

Charging ahead

The costs of a DUI are high enough on their own, but severity and repeat offenses can start piling on the consequences. Facing the charges on your own is rarely a good idea, and taking on the services of an attorney with experience in the field can really make a difference:

  • Officer allowances: An attorney can help find places the police may have overstepped their authority. Officers have a good deal of leeway when handling a traffic stop, but they have many strict guidelines they also need to follow. They’ll need to respect your rights while doing their job, and anything short of that could have a huge impact on your case.
  • Scaling punishments: Judges and prosecutors can have a good deal of discretion when dealing with a case. While you may be at their whim, experienced counsel may be able to suggest things like probation and treatment to give you a reduced sentence.
  • Strong foundations: Your attorney of choice ideally has spent a lot of time in the jurisdiction where you’re facing charges. This means they’ll have existing relationships with the people that work in that area, know what approaches work the best and could work toward getting you the most favorable outcomes.

The stakes can be high, and no amount of research can take the place of working in the courtroom. Finding an attorney to help you with your case could ensure the best outcome for your future.