Dispute at license commission results in local doctor’s arrest

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Being arrested on criminal allegations in Mobile and throughout Alabama can cause many challenges in a person’s life. Not only might they face consequences such as jail time and fines, but they could also be confronted with professional problems and a negative perception in the community. This is especially challenging for people who rely on their reputations as part of their business. Often, the arrest is not part of ongoing criminal behavior, but an isolated incident with a generally law-abiding citizen. It is in these cases where it is particularly important to formulate a viable defense.

Doctor charged with harassment after dispute at license commission

A man who works as a general practitioner in Mobile was arrested after a disagreement at a license commission. According to law enforcement, the doctor would not take a number to wait for service. When he was asked to do so, he began threatening security workers. Police were called and he was placed under arrest for harassment. He was taken into custody at around 3 p.m. and released three hours later. The doctor is a general practitioner at a neurology medical center.

Seeking a positive resolution when arrested on criminal charges

In many criminal cases, a person is arrested for serious allegations like assault, high-level drug involvement, theft and violence. In others, they can be arrested for violations like drunk driving, being embroiled in a minor dispute that escalated or a misunderstanding. Frequently, it is a person who does not have a criminal history, has a good job and never expects to be arrested for any reason. Regardless, the penalties can be significant in a personal and professional way. Independent of the accusations, there are likely alternatives that can be explored. That might include a plea agreement, a reduction in charges or the case even being dropped if no harm was done. Even those who have been convicted can seek an expungement to remove a criminal history from their record.

To consider defense options, comprehensive assistance may be crucial

Whether it is a person facing serious charges or someone who got caught up in unusual circumstances and was arrested, knowing how to deal with these cases is key. The doctor in this incident was charged after what appears to be a minor incident. Still, it can be problematic for him in multiple ways. Having a strong criminal defense is crucial to ensure that the case does not follow him and damage his life and future. For anyone who has been arrested, professional help from the beginning is imperative.