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Innocent until proven guilty. This is a phrase that is repeated throughout every legal drama in theaters and TV, and it is a concept that is a fundamental U.S. right. Similarly, the right to an attorney to ensure the process of determining guilt is fair is also a fundamental U.S. right. Both of these rights apply, regardless of the crime alleged, no matter how egregious. Accordingly, it is every person’s right in the U.S. to have a criminal defense.

After an arrest

Once the interaction with police begins, be polite, and hand over requested identification. Otherwise, remain silent. Remember, one does not have to participate in an investigation or speak to the police. They cannot compel one to speak. Simply one is under arrest, if not, ask to leave. If they refuse, ask for an attorney. Then, once an arrest occurs, call an attorney.

Choosing an attorney

Since the 1970s, the Friedlander Law Firm has fought for our clients, representing hundreds of Mobile and South Alabama residents throughout the state’s criminal court system. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have served on the board of the Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and in federal court, and have become trusted resources for over 50 years. Criminal defense is what we do every day.

Complicated cases

Complicated and famous cases do not scare the Friedlander Law Firm. We can help. For example, we have helped our clients with various criminal charges, like DUI, assault and battery, robbery, breaking and entering, drug possession and trafficking charges, among many others. If it is a criminal charge, we have likely handled it. We are longstanding fixture in the Mobile, Alabama, community, and we are here for our clients today and will still be here in the future.