Understanding the factors involved in the decision to divorce

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It is clear why individuals in Alabama and elsewhere get married. They likely see a long future of love with their partner, until death do them part. It is also clear that not all marriages last. Divorce has been part of society for almost as long as the institution of marriage has been. With the rate of divorce decreasing, though, many still question why couples decide to divorce.

Why couples divorce

Divorce is not cheap or easy to go through, so many will question what causes spouses to ultimately make this decision. Lack or commitment or commitment issues was cited as the reason for divorce in 75% of divorces, making it the number one reason. This correlates to another reason for the demise of a marriage, which is infidelity.

Another common reasons for filing for divorce is finances. Finances, whether it is debt or spending habits, are a major cause for arguments. In turn, this can harm the relationship and result in the end of a marriage.

Addiction is another cause for divorce. Roughly 7% of divorces are due to drug or alcohol addictions. Abuse of various kinds is also cited as the cause for a divorce. Other reasons for a divorce filing include marrying too young, health issues and lack of communication.

Changes spark divorce

If the past year has taught society anything, it is that changes spark changes. Changes to life can be seen as a challenge, and when changes to a relationship occur, it can alter a spouse’s desire to remain in the marriage.

In contrast, these changes and challenges can encourage individuals to better their life. Thus, they are more compelled to make changes for the better after dealing with a difficult time. In other words, when it is apparent that a marriage is no longer working, a spouse is more likely to divorce when it appears irreparable.

No matter the reason for filing for divorce, spouses should understand their options when it comes to moving forward through the process. Ending a marriage is not easy, and it can be a very emotional life event. Nonetheless, it is possible to reach a resolution that is amicable.