Alabama drivers warned to exercise caution as school starts

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Alabama children are among the most vulnerable people on the road. This is especially treacherous when they are heading to and from school. With the new school year set to start, legislators and law enforcement and emphasizing the need for safety. Unfortunately, drivers might not think about the damage they can cause when they are on the road. Whether it is from distracted driving, speeding, ignoring the rules for driving in school zones, driving under the influence or other potentially risky activities, an accident with a child or teen heading to school can lead to catastrophic injuries and death. It is wise to be aware of the possibility.

Strategies to enhance safety for back to school driving

With the new school year beckoning, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is advising parents to talk to their children about avoiding road danger not just as pedestrians, but as young drivers. Safety is relevant to students walking to school, but also to new drivers age 16 and up who are just starting out behind the wheel. Even with the state’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) law, this is a concern.

There are ways to prepare for safe driving including practicing the route to school, being cognizant of increased traffic in the mornings, adhering to the speed limits, avoiding distraction and knowing the GDL laws. As an example of rules under GDL, a 16-year-old driver cannot have more than one passenger in the vehicle who is not a member of the family. School zone safety can be a problem during the academic year. With that, drivers should diminish their speed, yield at intersections and crosswalks, do not pass stopped vehicles with flashing lights, and keep an eye out for children walking or riding bicycles.

Even with safety initiatives and enforcement, accidents unfortunately happen

Despite the attempts on the part of various authorities to try and prevent auto accidents, they will likely still occur. Broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, cuts, bruises, internal injuries and other issues can result. These can be exponentially problematic if they happen to a child. People can even lose their lives. Medical costs, future challenges and the need to have assistance to perform basic tasks might be necessary. From the start, it is critical to know the available options. Consulting with professionals can provide information and assistance.