What should you do after being injured by an uninsured driver?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A lot of car accident cases end up settling when an insurance company agrees to pay out a certain amount of compensation to a plaintiff to offset his or her injuries. But this doesn’t always occur, especially when the motorist who caused the accident was uninsured. So, what can you do if you’ve been injured in a wreck caused by one of these uninsured drivers?

Turn to your uninsured motorist coverage

Hopefully you have uninsured motorist coverage. If so, then you can file a claim with your own insurance company. This is probably the best way to obtain the fullest recovery possible but remember that your insurance company isn’t your friend. It’s going to try to wiggle out of paying you what you deserve, so make sure that you’re entering conversations with your insurance company with evidence that demonstrates the full extent of your harm.

Sue the driver who harmed you

If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, then you can still take legal action against the individual who caused your accident. Remember, though, that you’ll be asking for that individual, and not his or her insurance company, to pay for your damages. This means that even if you succeed in winning your case, you may struggle to recover the judgment that has been entered. There are steps that you can take, though, such as by securing an income withholding order, that may assist you in recovering some compensation over time.

Protect your interests and secure the compensation that you deserve

Being injured in a car accident is stressful in any situation, but when your harm arises from an accident caused by an uninsured driver, then the matter can be overwhelming. You may feel like your future is hanging in the balance, and you might find yourself battling with the uncertainty of your recovery.

We understand what you’re going through. That’s why we diligently work with our clients who are similarly situated to help them position themselves to obtain the best outcome possible under the circumstances. If you think that you need that sort of advocacy on your side, then now may be the time to reach out to an attorney of your choosing to discuss the facts of your case.