The dangers of truck driver fatigue

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Truck drivers have an extremely demanding job. In addition to maneuvering large vehicles around Alabama’s many roads and highways, they have very demanding schedules.

The truck driving industry centers around deadlines, requiring truck drivers to sometimes put in long hours of driving. Factors like bad weather or traffic jams can result in drivers skipping break or rest periods to make their deadlines.

Many accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue

Unfortunately, this means that many times drivers are operating their vehicles on far too little sleep, increasing the risk of an accident.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, fatigue is caused by a driver exerting themselves physically or mentally to the point where it impairs a driver’s performance. Fatigued truck drivers may rely on several methods to try to stay awake, such as drinking a lot of coffee, taking pills to combat drowsiness, rolling down their windows or turning up their music.

However, none of these things cure fatigue and can sometimes only result in increased stress. The best way for truckers to drive safely and prevent fatigue is to get enough rest and stay healthy. Rest and break periods should always be taken.

Your options after a truck accident

Fatigued driving is negligent driving. Every driver has a legal duty to drive safely and reasonably. When that duty is breached and causes an accident, negligence is established.

Most drivers who are in a collision with a large truck sustain major injuries and are sometimes even permanently disabled, due to the difference in size between a truck and a smaller vehicle.

After you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you are likely to feel overwhelmed, scared and confused about where to turn. You may worry that you cannot work and wonder how you are going to pay your medical bills.

You could potentially receive compensation by proving negligence through a personal injury claim. This can be challenging and depends on several different factors, so having professional advice and representation is critical.