Post-traumatic stress after a car crash

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Every day someone is involved in a car accident on our roads. And, all too often, an Alabaman is maimed or killed as a result.

While we often focus on these physical impacts, over the past few years, many of us have become acutely more aware of the psychological impacts of car accidents.

The initial impact

From the initial impact going forward, car accident victims suffer psychological effects.

Normally, these initial impact psychological effects go away over the course of the day. For some though, these effects linger and grow worse.

Some Mobile, Alabama, car accident victims who have lingering psychological effects end up receiving a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis.

Post-traumatic stress

You can tell your problem is becoming serious if your psychological trauma is compounding and continuing.

For example, you may find that you cannot stop thinking about the car accident, or it seems to constantly play in the background of your thoughts.

Do you feel anxiety when you drive or get near a vehicle? Have you experienced a panic attack? Are you finding it hard to get to sleep because of these feelings or having nightmares about the car accident?

These could all be signs of post-traumatic stress, and you should seek help immediately.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is treatable, but you need to seek treatment.

Usually, the first call is to your doctor to get the ball rolling. This can be for a referral, drug supplementation or some other medical options.

Once you have a diagnosis, be sure to tell your attorney as well. Remember, if you have been injured because of a negligent driver, all of your damages are compensable, both physical and psychological.

This can be especially important if your mental health provider recommends long-term care as the cost of this can be quite expensive.