Auto accident statistics improve in Alabama, but dangers persist

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At the start of every new year, the previous year’s auto accident statistics are assessed. In Alabama and across the United States, this is an important part of trying to understand why they happened, their severity and what steps can be taken to reduce their number.

The holiday season is often a challenging time for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others on the road. The statistics from Christmas through New Year’s Day are indicative of how troublesome the roads can be.

Still, there were improvements in 2022 overall. As the numbers are analyzed, people should pay attention to them to try and avoid collisions. If they are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, it is essential to have professional help with determining how to proceed.

Initial 2022 accident numbers show positive and negative signs

Alabama state troopers released the 2022 auto accident numbers for the state. Overall, they investigated almost 32,000 accidents. In those accidents, more than 10,900 people suffered injuries and 586 lost their lives. Although these numbers are problematic, there was improvement from 2021. There were 2,185 fewer accidents and 646 fewer injuries.

Positives aside, the holiday season had 14 road fatalities. This information came from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. These numbers were compiled from Christmas Eve through Jan. 1. Eleven drivers and three passengers were killed. It is important to note that these were accidents in which state troopers investigated. The county and city law enforcement statistics are not part of this assessment.

These accidents happened while ALEA was actively encouraging drivers to behave safely with a “12 Days of Safety” program. That included law enforcement conducting traffic stops to prevent drivers from being reckless, driving distracted and driving under the influence.

Auto accidents can cause endless problems and people may need help

As this information shows, even vigilance and initiatives directed toward improving safety have limits. For a litany of reasons, people can be in an auto accident in an instant. They can suffer injuries and lose their lives.

Those who have been hurt or lost a loved one need to consider the future. That includes the emotional, personal and financial aftermath of a crash. The entire incident must be fully investigated, evidence gathered and information accrued to have a full grasp of what can be done to recover. It is vital to have guidance. Calling experienced professionals is a fundamental step.