Lawmakers proceed with distracted driving bill to reduce crashes

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There are many dangers on the Alabama roads. That includes driver mistakes, recklessness and illegal behaviors. While auto accidents can happen for myriad reasons, one ongoing problem that seems to be getting worse is distracted driving.

Currently, state law prohibits drivers from texting and driving with drivers getting two points if they are caught. Although that can be somewhat effective, state lawmakers are moving forward with broader measures to prevent distracted driving collisions.

As the law stands now, drivers are still prone to distraction, often without consequences. People sharing the road with these drivers need to know what they can do if they are hurt or lose a loved one in an accident.

Drivers need to understand how the bill, if passed, will impact them

The bill would make it illegal for drivers to physically use a mobile device when driving. The objective is to ensure that drivers hands are free to safely operate their motor vehicle and they will not be manipulating their devices instead of driving.

A similar bill has been proposed for four straight years, but it never passed. The catalyst was a college student who was killed on their campus because of a distracted driver. From the time the bill was introduced to its current version, changes have been made.

Drivers and private investigators who have pulled their vehicle to the side of the road can use their devices. The two-point rule would go beyond people who were texting and driving and be applicable to anyone who holds a device while operating their vehicle. If there is a third conviction within three years, they will get three points. Twelve points in total within two years for any violation will result in a driver’s license suspension.

After a distracted driving accident, people need guidance with considering options

Distracted driving is a main catalyst for auto accidents. Statistically, there were more than 3,100 deaths on U.S. roads in 2020 alone. With more ways in which people can be distracted such as addictive apps added to texting, social media, surfing the web and more, it is a risk that is not going away.

People injured in auto accidents will inevitably be confronted with the cost of medical care, lost wages and reduced involvement with family. A fatality leaves loved ones wondering how they will move on. A legal claim can help with being compensated. Contacting professionals who are experienced in investigating these cases can be essential.