How to stay SMART during an Alabama DUI traffic stop

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Like most states, Alabama takes drunk driving seriously, imposing harsh penalties against those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). You could lose your driving privileges and face expensive fines or even possible jail time if you’re convicted of this offense.

Your actions and words during a traffic stop can increase your legal woes or improve your defense options. Following these SMART guidelines can help you avoid worsening your situation or closing doors to a potentially successful defense in the event that you’re pulled over and an officer suspects that you’ve been drinking.

Stay silent and calm

Remaining calm can help you avoid saying too much. Remember that you’re not legally required to answer police officer questions. Maintaining silence can help prevent self-incrimination.

Maintain respect and politeness

Avoid being rude or disrespectful to the police officers. Always use a courteous tone when declining to answer their questions and inform them that you cannot speak without legal representation.

Adhere to requests

Follow the police officer’s instructions throughout the encounter. Compliance can prevent misunderstandings and protect your defense – reacting in anger or hostility can threaten your credibility and case.

Remember what happened

Keep a close eye on what the police do and say during the stop to identify possible rights violations. A skilled representative can challenge unlawfully obtained evidence and raise doubt about testing and arrest procedures.

Take action

Contrary to common belief, a defense against a DUI conviction in the Heart of Dixie may be within your reach. Ask for legal counsel so you can begin building your case right away, especially if the police violated your rights during your encounter.

With legal guidance and these SMART tips, you can potentially escape the harsh consequences associated with a DUI conviction.