Get to know Alabamas’ driving statistics

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Alabama has many significant car crashes every day. In 2018, a traffic crash was reported around once every 197 seconds (around 3.3 minutes). Looking at statistics, it was found that texting drivers were more likely to be involved in a crash than those who were not texting by approximately 23 times.

Injury collisions occurred every 11 minutes and five seconds in the state in 2018. In those nonfatal crashes, the most common cause came down to the failure to yield to another person’s right-of-way. Speed was also a major contributing factor in crashes, particularly when they involved fatalities.

How often is alcohol involved in these crashes?

Based on 2010 statistics, 40% of drivers who were hurt in crashes were under the influence at the time. It’s important to note that DUI-related fatality crashes were 2.98% more likely than other kinds of crashes in the state. They occur five times more often than other types of crashes.

Where do most crashes happen in Alabama?

The majority of crashes happen in urban areas, but it’s important to note that those urban areas don’t see the majority of the fatalities. Instead, it’s rural areas where fatalities are more likely.

With drivers’ actions leading to around 57% of crashes and indirectly to around 36% of collisions, it’s important for people to start paying attention and following the rules of the road to prevent collisions. It is possible to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that are taking place, but it will take work, time and education.

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