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What penalties do I face for a domestic violence charge?

There are a variety of potential domestic violence charges, and the potential consequences you could end up with depend on your specific charge. For example, you could be charged with domestic violence in the first degree, second degree, third degree, by strangulation, by suffocation or by interfering with an emergency domestic violence call. These range in severity from a Class A felony to a Class B misdemeanor.

Class B misdemeanor

Divorce may result in visitation rights for parents

Child custody terms can be hard to come to, especially if one parent believes that he or she is better fit to care for the kids than the other. In some cases, a parent may receive sole physical custody of the children during divorce, and the other parent may obtain visitation rights. While visitation can work to ensure that the noncustodial parent still sees the children, the details of the court order can greatly affect how that time is spent.

In some cases, the court may award an Alabama parent unsupervised visitation rights. For most noncustodial parents, this is the usual arrangement as opposed to supervised visitation. Unsupervised visitation essentially means that the parent can spend time with the children without another responsible adult being present. As a result, the parent has more freedom regarding the activities he or she may enjoy with the kids.

Woman requires rehab following dog attack

Most people who own pets consider them a part of their family. Unfortunately, some people in Alabama and across the country may overlook the potential harm that their pets can cause others. Unfortunately, a dog attack in another state has recently resulted in the death of a dog and injured a woman so severely that she will require rehabilitation, according to her family.

A police officer reports that he was on a routine patrol one evening on a day in April when he noticed a 51-year-old woman running in the middle of the street. He says that there were six dogs attacking the woman. She ultimately came to a stop in a neighbor's yard where she says that she used her body to protect the dog that she was walking.

How prepared are you for divorce?

Many Alabama married couples have gone through some rough times in their relationships. In fact, it would likely be easier to find spouses who can relate to serious relationship challenges than those who might say they have never experienced any problems in their marriage. Before 2019 ends, hundreds of spouses will decide to divorce.

It is definitely not a decision to make lightly, especially if children are involved. There are several key issues to consider when a spouse is thinking about ending a marriage. For most parents, their children's best interests are the highest priority. Typically, parents in these circumstances carefully consider carefully how the decision to divorce will affect his or her children.

Fatal pedestrian accident in Alabama reported

There are a variety of ways to legally use Alabama roadways. As such, motorists, for example, must work to protect nontraditional users. This may include taking extra care when there are pedestrians in the area, especially when the pedestrians are young children. Unfortunately, a family of four was reportedly struck by a vehicle, though many details regarding the fatal pedestrian accident are unclear.

Reports indicate that a family of four was walking on a Alabama street one morning on a day in late March. The family included a 66-year-old father, his wife and two young children. Unfortunately, all four were reportedly struck by a vehicle.

Choosing bankruptcy to manage debt in Alabama

Most people in Alabama are hard workers, dedicated to supporting themselves and their families. Unfortunately, even those with the best of intentions can experience an unexpected medical situation or the loss of a job, ultimately resulting in significant financial hardship and debt. This debt can quickly become overwhelming, leaving people wondering about their options for debt management. Depending on the individual circumstances, filing for bankruptcy may be the best path.

Once the decision to seek such protection has been made, a potential petitioner must also choose which form of bankruptcy to seek. Chapter 7 is often considered the most direct option. As part of the proceedings, a petitioner's nonexempt property will be sold and the proceeds of that sale are distributed to creditors. Though this option is controlled by strict income limits, the individual can start again immediately with a clean financial state once the process is complete with the debt discharged.

What should I do during an illegal police search?

The police in Alabama have broad powers to search you and your property for contraband. But there are limits, starting with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Unfortunately, what happens in the real world does not always go the way the law says it should.

If you are ever subject to a police search that you suspect has crossed the line, here is what you should do:

Teenager killed, 3 others injured in Alabama car accident

Most people know that when they travel in a motor vehicle, there is a chance of being involved in a traffic accident. These chances may increase under certain circumstances, such as when the driver has little experience. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a recent car accident in Alabama involving a teenage driver has left one family mourning the unexpected loss of a passenger in the vehicle.

The accident reportedly happened around 9 p.m. on a day in February. According to reports, a 16-year-old female driver was headed northwest in a sedan when the vehicle reportedly exited the right side of the road. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the driver overcorrected, causing the vehicle to veer off the left side of the road and strike a tree.

Alabama teens charged with assault, attempted murder in shooting

Disputes are not uncommon among people with differing opinions and values, including among teenagers. While violence is rare, police alleged that an ongoing dispute may have been the motivation behind a recent shooting in Alabama. The incident left two people in the hospital and three people facing criminal charges, including attempted murder and assault.

The incident reportedly happened at approximately 9 a.m. on a day in early February. According to reports, police responded to a call reporting a shooting. When they arrived at the scene, they are said to have discovered a 19-year-old woman suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and a 17-year-old female suffering from a shot to her leg. The former is said to be in critical condition with the latter listed in stable condition.

What to do if you are stopped by the police for DUI

Getting pulled over by law enforcement can be stressful no matter what the reason. One way to ease this situation is to be prepared for it before you are faced with it. When you are properly prepared, you can think clearly about what needs to be done and any angst or stress about what may happen can be suppressed with knowledge.

For many people, flashing red lights appearing in their rear-view mirror will make common sense vanish, only to be replaced with a defensive mentality. Since this sort of approach can make the circumstances you are in worse, here are helpful strategies on what you should do if pulled over by the police, especially if it is for suspicion of DUI.

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