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Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos settle their divorce

Marriage is an adjustment. After couples say their vows to one another, many spouses in Alabama must learn how to cohabitate with one another. In the first few years, some may decide that they are not compatible. Others may have several years -- even decades -- together and then decide that their marriage is no longer working for a variety of different reasons. In fact, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos recently settled their divorce after 25 years of marriage.

Many people have been watching the Bezoses' divorce, wondering how the decisions made will impact the company created during their marriage, Amazon. However, the wait for an answer was not a long one. The couple reached a settlement and finalized their divorce six months after announcing their separation. 

Ways to prepare for a job during prison and once you’re released

Have you made some poor choices that have landed you behind bars? Whether it’s a few months, a couple years or a decade, use the available resources and time to your advantage and better yourself. Most prisons offer educational opportunities, including options to finish your general educational development (GED), start or finish your college education, begin vocational training or become skilled in other sought-after areas.

For example, many restaurants provide ex-cons a second chance; culinary skills or sales/business knowledge would come in handy if pursuing that industry once you’re released. The longer you’re incarcerated, the more important it becomes to continually educate and better yourself to keep up with the changes in the outside world and ensure you’re marketable to someone when you get out.

9 people taken to hospital in Alabama motor vehicle accident

Parents are often left with difficult decisions. For example, some parents may struggle with whether to allow their child to travel with an extracurricular group. Allowing them to do so may mean trusting their child's safety to another adult. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle accident involving a youth wrestling group in Alabama may be giving some parents cause to reconsider doing so.

The accident reportedly happened on a day in mid-June. Reports indicate that the 15-passenger van was carrying 10 passengers and the driver as the group traveled out of state for a youth wrestling tournament. Unfortunately, the van reportedly left the road and overturned.

Alabama couple killed in car crash; community supports children

Children, regardless of their age, are never prepared to deal with the unexpected death of their parents. Unfortunately, two children in Alabama are now faced with the reality of life without their parents as a result of a fatal car crash. While multiple people have contributed to a fundraising effort to support them, they may still struggle financially as a result of their loss.

The incident that led to the loss of the lives reportedly happened one Saturday afternoon on a day in late May. According to reports, the couple was stopped at an intersection in a sport utility vehicle, waiting to make a turn. A second SUV, allegedly driven by a teenager, reportedly struck their vehicle in the rear.  

Passing the means test for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

There are many people living in Alabama who are struggling with debt. Often this debt was accrued as a result of circumstances beyond the person's control -- such as losing a job or a serious illness or injury. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by debt, many people ultimately choose to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To qualify for this, they must first past a means test.

In the past, courts could use a great deal of discretion to determine whether a person qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, the Bankruptcy Protection Act of 2005 changed these standards. As part of the changes mandated by this law, petitioners are now required to pass a means test.

What penalties could I face for a domestic violence charge?

There are a variety of potential domestic violence charges, and the potential consequences you could end up with depend on your specific charge. For example, you could be charged with domestic violence in the first degree, second degree, third degree, by strangulation, by suffocation or by interfering with an emergency domestic violence call. These range in severity from a Class A felony to a Class B misdemeanor.

Divorce may result in visitation rights for parents

Child custody terms can be hard to come to, especially if one parent believes that he or she is better fit to care for the kids than the other. In some cases, a parent may receive sole physical custody of the children during divorce, and the other parent may obtain visitation rights. While visitation can work to ensure that the noncustodial parent still sees the children, the details of the court order can greatly affect how that time is spent.

In some cases, the court may award an Alabama parent unsupervised visitation rights. For most noncustodial parents, this is the usual arrangement as opposed to supervised visitation. Unsupervised visitation essentially means that the parent can spend time with the children without another responsible adult being present. As a result, the parent has more freedom regarding the activities he or she may enjoy with the kids.

Woman requires rehab following dog attack

Most people who own pets consider them a part of their family. Unfortunately, some people in Alabama and across the country may overlook the potential harm that their pets can cause others. Unfortunately, a dog attack in another state has recently resulted in the death of a dog and injured a woman so severely that she will require rehabilitation, according to her family.

A police officer reports that he was on a routine patrol one evening on a day in April when he noticed a 51-year-old woman running in the middle of the street. He says that there were six dogs attacking the woman. She ultimately came to a stop in a neighbor's yard where she says that she used her body to protect the dog that she was walking.

How prepared are you for divorce?

Many Alabama married couples have gone through some rough times in their relationships. In fact, it would likely be easier to find spouses who can relate to serious relationship challenges than those who might say they have never experienced any problems in their marriage. Before 2019 ends, hundreds of spouses will decide to divorce.

It is definitely not a decision to make lightly, especially if children are involved. There are several key issues to consider when a spouse is thinking about ending a marriage. For most parents, their children's best interests are the highest priority. Typically, parents in these circumstances carefully consider carefully how the decision to divorce will affect his or her children.

Fatal pedestrian accident in Alabama reported

There are a variety of ways to legally use Alabama roadways. As such, motorists, for example, must work to protect nontraditional users. This may include taking extra care when there are pedestrians in the area, especially when the pedestrians are young children. Unfortunately, a family of four was reportedly struck by a vehicle, though many details regarding the fatal pedestrian accident are unclear.

Reports indicate that a family of four was walking on a Alabama street one morning on a day in late March. The family included a 66-year-old father, his wife and two young children. Unfortunately, all four were reportedly struck by a vehicle.

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