Alimony in Alabama: What are your spousal support options?

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Divorce, while often necessary, can leave a tangled web of financial questions and concerns in its wake. People who earn less or have fewer potential economic resources than their spouses can suffer financial hardship after divorcing.

Alimony, or spousal support, can offer newly divorced individuals a possible solution, but you must navigate a labyrinth of options. Below, we will unpack the different types of alimony available in Alabama to help you keep your post-divorce financial situation in focus.

Temporary alimony

Think of this as temporary maintenance, awarded while the divorce is underway. It helps maintain the living standard you enjoyed during your marriage while legal matters unfold. Temporary alimony does not guarantee permanent support but works like a financial bridge until the final decree.

Rehabilitative alimony

Courts award rehabilitative support to help the lower-earning spouse as they work towards financial independence. It is typically awarded for a set period, allowing recipients to acquire the necessary skills or education for re-entering the workforce. Think of it as a springboard rather than a permanent crutch.

Periodic alimony

As the classic picture of alimony with which most people are familiar, this is ongoing financial support paid in regular installments. Judges can award periodic payments for a set duration or indefinitely, depending on factors like marriage length and the income disparity between spouses.

As you can see, alimony in Alabama is a complex and case-specific issue that depends on many factors and the court’s discretion. If you are seeking alimony because you fear crippling post-divorce hardships, there is much at stake.

Having experienced legal guidance can help you understand your rights and options and help you work toward your best interests during your divorce. This includes the most appropriate type of alimony for you.