School officer arrested for DUI after fleeing auto accident

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In Alabama, being arrested for driving under the influence can result in significant legal, personal and financial challenges. These incidents can impact anyone regardless of the type of work they do. Even people who are trusted with children and work in law enforcement can be involved. There can be severe consequences for a DUI conviction including jail time, fines and the loss of driving privileges. In addition, the person could be confronted with employment problems and long-term damage to their reputation due to the DUI conviction.

School law enforcement officer arrested after hit and run

A deputy who works as a school resource officer was arrested for DUI and hit and run after crashing into a parked vehicle. The woman, 38, was seen crashing into the vehicle in the early morning hours. A witness followed the deputy. Law enforcement was called and they arrived at the scene. She was given field sobriety tests and subsequently arrested for DUI. The deputy has been working for the local sheriff’s office for more than five years and was a School Resource Officer. Following the arrest, she was put on administrative leave and an internal investigation is being conducted.

Understanding how to combat DUI charges

Often, people who are arrested for DUI have never been in any trouble with the law at all and are unsure of how to react. They are fearful because a conviction could cause fundamental challenges in every aspect of their lives. This is especially true for people who work in law enforcement and are school workers. When a hit and run is added to the mix, it is even more problematic.

As the case moves forward, it is important to remember there are avenues that can be used to fight the charges. Perhaps there was a justifiable reason that the person appeared to be under the influence, but was not. There could have been procedural mistakes during the investigation. The entire arrest should be scrutinized to determine an effective strategy.

A criminal defense is crucial when arrested for DUI

In this situation, the woman is not only a deputy, but she works at a school. Her entire personal and professional life can be upended if she is convicted. Before doing anything else, it is vital that she understand her rights and take the necessary steps to cobble together a viable defense. This might avoid the worst penalties or could help her be acquitted. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in DUI and other areas of criminal defense is key.