Woman, 28, faces several criminal charges following police chase

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In Alabama, people can be confronted with criminal charges unexpectedly. This might happen due to a physical confrontation, a traffic violation, a random encounter with law enforcement, or for a seemingly minor incident. Some people make the situation worse by fleeing. Although being arrested and charged with criminal activity is undoubtedly intimidating, it does not automatically mean there will be a conviction. Many cases can result in a reduction of the charges or an outright acquittal. A key factor is laying the foundation for a strong defense immediately.

Morning car chase ends with woman’s arrest

A woman, 28, was arrested on several charges after fleeing from law enforcement in her vehicle. The arrest was made at shortly before 8 a.m. A state trooper saw two vehicles that had pulled over onto the shoulder of the interstate. One of the vehicles, a 2005 Ford Explorer fled, sparking a pursuit. Eventually, the Explorer stopped on the median. After a search, drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle. There was damage to one of the windows and the catalytic converter had been tampered with, implying other illegal behaviors. In addition to possessing drug paraphernalia, she is charged for fleeing, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

Avoiding the potential consequences for criminal allegations

Many people who are arrested have had no previous run-ins with the law. These cases often result from a traffic infraction that leads to a vehicle search and the discovery of illegal items like drugs and drug paraphernalia. They are unaware of the potential consequences of a conviction. In other cases, they might have made a mistake and taken part in an illegal activity that is made worse when trying to escape from law enforcement. A common error is failing to understand the importance of legal representation in cobbling together a viable defense from the beginning.

A strong criminal defense may be key to a positive outcome

There are often reasonable solutions to criminal charges, especially if no one was injured in the incident. A plea bargain could reduce the possible ramifications and avoid jail time. There may be issues with the evidence that damage the prosecution’s case and warrant a dismissal. It is possible that there is a viable explanation for the alleged illegal activities. Before saying or doing anything to make the situation worse, it is wise to be fully protected by contacting a legal professional with extensive experience in criminal defense.