Law enforcement on the lookout for DUI among spring breakers

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There are times of year when the Alabama roads tend to be busier. With that comes the chance that drivers might break the law when they are getting from one place to the other. For many college students, spring break is a time to enjoy time off from school, visit state beaches and relax. This is especially relevant given the national challenges over the past two years. Still, just because young people are heading for a vacation does not mean they should get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Year-round, law enforcement is vigilant about DUI. If a person is stopped and arrested for DUI, it is imperative to know the law and be prepared to address the charges.

Troopers are watching for potential DUI during spring break

Alabama state troopers have issued a warning to spring breakers who are heading to and from the Gulf Coast for their vacation. Aware that people will drink alcohol, law enforcement says this is fine for those of legal age. However, they should not get behind the wheel after drinking. This is not just because it is a legal violation. It is also a safety issue for the driver, passengers and others who are on the road. DUI accidents are among the most common catalysts for injuries and death.

n Alabama, people over 21 will face DUI charges if they are stopped and register a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. Drivers under 21 are not legally allowed to drink at all. If they register 0.02% BAC, they will be arrested. If the driver is deemed impaired even with a lower BAC, then it can also result in a DUI arrest. The beaches in the state regulate alcohol use for visitors. Gulf Shores does not allow it at all for beachgoers. Orange Beach warns those under 21 not to drink. These violations can also result an arrest for which a defense will be needed.

A strong defense is important for young people facing alcohol-related charges

Anyone who is arrested should be cognizant of the potential long-term concerns they might be confronted with if they are convicted. A DUI conviction can lead to fines, lost driving privileges and jail. In addition, it is a negative on a person’s record that could prevent them from getting certain jobs and being admitted to schools. It might cause obstacles that could be avoided by forging an effective criminal defense. When there is a DUI or alcohol-related charge, consulting with those experienced in these areas of the law can be essential to reaching a positive outcome.