How to spot and avoid a distracted driver

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Distracted drivers in Alabama are a risk to the other drivers on the roads. Unfortunately, there are many distractions that can force drivers to stop paying attention to the road. Using cell phones may be one of the most dangerous distractions and certainly receives the most attention, but drivers who are eating, talking to other people in their vehicle, looking at something on the side of the road or trying to follow GPS directions also pose similar safety risks.

Distracted drivers can cause accidents and serious injuries to innocent drivers who are doing everything they are supposed to do to drive safely. While other drivers cannot prevent all of the potential car accidents caused by distracted driving, there are ways to spot distracted driving and avoid those drivers on the roads.

Warning signs of distracted driving

Some of the ways you can spot distracted drivers are:

  • If you can see the other driver putting food or drink in their mouths they may be taking their eyes off of the road.
  • Watch out for drivers who are changing speeds consistently and for no good reason. If they are distracted they are not paying attention to their speed
  • Be aware when you see drivers interacting with people inside their vehicles. This could be parents dealing with children or simply having a conversation with a passenger.
  • Look for drivers who appear hunched over whose heads look down repeatedly. This could be a sign that the driver is looking at their cell phone.
  • Watch for drivers hitting their brakes suddenly. This usually means that the driver is not looking at the road and is reacting late to slower traffic ahead

When you see this type of driving behavior from other drivers, it is important to give yourself extra space. This may allow to react to the sudden and unpredictable behavior of the distracted driver and hopefully avoid an accident.

Distracted drivers unfortunately cause many accidents each year in Alabama. The victims of these accidents may suffer significant injuries and incur medical bills as a result. The victims may be entitled to compensation for the damages they suffer in the accident though. It is important that they receive the compensation they deserve and consulting with experienced attorneys could be helpful.