Filing for bankruptcy can provide relief from financial hardships

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Whether it is due to an unfortunate life event, such as a job loss or serious illness or injury, dealing with debt is not easy. It can feel overwhelming and stressful to navigate money problems, especially when you are doing everything in your power to avoid bankruptcy.

While bankruptcy might have a stigma in society, it is a process that can provide debt relief and a fresh financial start. Although there are positives attached to the process, it does not make it an easy one to initiate or work through.

It is important that you fully understand your options and the process before filing for bankruptcy.

Should you file for bankruptcy?

The attorneys at Friedlander Law Firm understand that most people filing for bankruptcy have likely exhausted all their options to address their debt prior to filing. Because we have knowledge and experience with federal and Alabama state bankruptcy laws, we ensure this is the case before guiding our clients through the bankruptcy process.

Thus, if our law firm believes that there are no alternatives to bankruptcy, we will take the time to explain this while also ensuring you understand how the bankruptcy process will impact you immediately and in the future.

Understanding exemptions

Those filing for bankruptcy are already in a vulnerable position. They are likely concerned about what they might have to sell or give up.

Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed for and the type of property or asset in question, it might be a bankruptcy exemption. Thus, it is important to understand how exemptions might be applicable to your matter.

Dealing with debt and financial hardships on your own is emotionally overwhelming. That is why our law firm makes sure that our clients do not have to go through the bankruptcy alone. We are there, from the beginning to the end, to help our clients every step of the way.