Personal injury and TBIs

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For many, throughout the area, they are acutely aware of personal injury accidents. That is because they are so common. Personal injury accidents include just about any negligence accident, like premises liability, auto accidents, etc. And, for most of us, we are familiar with the physical injuries that result from these Mobile, Alabama, personal injury accidents. However, often, the much more concerning injuries are traumatic brain injuries.


A traumatic brain injury refers to any injury directly to your brain. This could be a piercing, or it could be some sort of bleed, bruise, etc. And, TBIs are surprisingly easy to incur as you can get a TBI any time your body is impacted or jolted, regardless of whether that jolt or impact hits your head directly.

Visible vs. invisible signs of TBIs

When you are involved in a Mobile, Alabama, personal injury accident, you could have visible and invisible signs of TBIs. The visible signs are the same signs of any other injury to your body, except that they are injuries that relate to your head. For example, bruises anywhere on your head could be a visible sign of a TBI.

Invisible signs of a TBI are much harder to notice. This is because not all of the symptoms are noticeable by you, the one experiencing them.

Symptoms you may experience, but not notice

The first sign that you may not think is a TBI sign is a headache. Headaches are, by far, the most common symptom, but headaches are also just common to everyday life. What separates the normal from a TBI symptom is their persistence (and, sometimes, their severity).

TBIs can also affect who you are as a person too. This includes how you react to situations, mood swings, depression, anxiety (including anxiety attacks) and full personality changes.

You could even have your ability to interact with others change, and only those around you notice. What you intend to say could come out differently, but it sounds right in your head. How things smell and taste could change too, even though they remain the same for everyone else.

Medical interventions

When you are involved in a Mobile, Alabama, personal injury accident, see a doctor. Even if you do not believe it was serious, still see a doctor. Even a seemingly minor accident could cause a TBI, and you may not even notice the systems.