Seven ways to mitigate DUI penalties

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DUI charges are serious. If you don’t know how to aggressively fight them, then you could end up facing serious penalties, including jail or prison time, license suspension, and a haunting criminal record that can touch nearly every aspect of your live.

With so much on the line, you should look for ways to try to beat the prosecution. But even if you don’t think that you can escape conviction, there may be ways for you to mitigate the consequences that you’re bound to face.

Factors that can minimize the penalties you’ll face for a DUI conviction

The penalties imposed for a DUI conviction aren’t always black and white. The court oftentimes has discretion to impose penalties that it deems fit, which gives you the opportunity to argue for lighter penalties. Here are some factors that may help mitigate the penalties that you’ll face in your drunk driving case:

  1. A good driving record: We all make mistakes. Driving under influence is no different. If you had a clean driving record before being hit with these charges, then you’ll be in a stronger position to argue that you made a mistake, that you’ve learned your lesson, and that the judge should go easy on you.
  2. No criminal history: If you’ve never been charged or convicted of a crime, then the court is more likely to give you lighter penalties. This is especially true given that subsequent DUI convictions lead to harsher penalties.
  3. A lower blood alcohol content: The amount of alcohol that you had in your system might play a role in the penalties that you face. If you were barely over the legal limit, then your penalties will probably be lighter compared to someone whose blood alcohol content far exceeded the legal limit.
  4. Whether victimization occurred: The circumstances surrounding your arrest can also be critical in determining the penalties that you’ll face. If you can show that there wasn’t a victim in your case, then you might be let off easier compared to a situation where your driving caused an accident that left another individual injured.
  5. The victim’s contribution to the accident: Even if your actions resulted in an accident, you might be able to seek reduced penalties if the victim of that wreck contributed to the crash. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the facts surrounding the accident to see if you can minimize your contributions to it.
  6. Voluntary engagement in substance-abuse related programming: Most, if not all, DUI convictions are going to result in an order for you to participate in some sort of substance abuse programming. So, if you voluntarily engage in one of these programs, then you might find yourself in the judge’s favor, which could then lead to reduced penalties.
  7. The use of prescription drugs: If your arrest was attributable to prescription drug use, then the court might go easier on you knowing that you didn’t intend to engage in intoxicated driving.

Aggressively advocate to protect your future

Your future is on the line when you’re facing drunk driving charges. That’s why you need to go into your case prepared to exploit every opportunity available to you. This includes focusing on ways to mitigate the potential penalties that you could face.

Fortunately, through preparation, you can develop the sound legal strategies best aimed at protecting your interests.