When should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

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Timing is crucial when it comes to telling your spouse you want a divorce. Doing so at the wrong time can negatively impact your divorce process and experience in general.

So, when should you tell your spouse that you want to end the marriage?

When you are sure

Divorce is a sensitive matter. You need to be sure you want it before initiating the conversation with your spouse. If you still have doubts about it or believe there is a way to resolve your marriage, you should wait before mentioning divorce.

While you want to be certain there is no way to save your marriage before mentioning a divorce, you also don’t want your spouse to feel blindsided, which could happen if you just announce it out of the blue. If you are unhappy in the marriage, let them know so that you can first see if you can work through it together, perhaps with the help of counseling.

When you are relaxed

Consider holding the divorce conversation with your spouse when you are both relaxed. Starting such a crucial conversation after a long day or in the middle of a fight can result in a bad interaction.

When the kids are away

If you have kids, take them to their grandparents or friends over the weekend to have adequate time to talk to your spouse without your children interrupting or overhearing.

When you have a divorce conversation matters. You should also get legal help to learn more about the process from the word go.